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Gerardine Loggere, Managing Director and Lead Designer at the Tara Design Studio, is a real 'fabric-freak'. She studied fashion design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and worked for many years for a well-known Dutch couturier, all the while creating hundreds of wedding and evening gowns through her own couture atelier. She made the switch to interior decoration over 20 years ago, and her passion and affinity for fabrics has only grown. Whether it be fashion or interiors, her emphasis is on style, which is what she believes "truly matters".

In 2011, she created Tatum Company, a fabric distribution company and design studio based in Singapore, where she operated at the sole distributor for some of Europe and the world's leading fabric and material brands. Gerardine and her team have created numerous unique and personal interior design and construction projects, both commercial and private, and as she opens her doors in Mallorca, her key ambition is to ensure that her clients felt immediately at home.

The Tara Design Studio has years of experience creating spaces for commercial and contract projects with high traffic areas, and has vast experience using fabrics and materials (such as leather, wool and fit for purpose wall and floor coverings) that are extremely durable and easy to clean.

Working with a client and their brief, the Tara Design Studio also endeavours to find original, interesting materials and pieces, (rather than the more standard items that can be found everywhere), to ensure a truly personal and individual result.

Tara Design is also experienced working to a wide scope of budgets, and our catalogues of materials range from high-end to affordable pieces and fabrics. By combining pieces from an array of different price points, Tara Design can create a beautiful atmosphere that is within your budget.
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